12-20. September 2020. „...all my springs are in you.” (Psalms 87:7)
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Ars Sacra Festival

The idea of Ars Sacra Festival was born after the ’City Mission’ was organized in Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Brussels and in 2007 in Budapest as well. The purpose of the festival is to bring to light the Jewish-Christian roots of the European culture in all types of sacred arts and also to promote the uplifting and the spiritual unity of the souls. The Ars Sacra Festival provides you real and eternal values for 9 days each year in September for free. The Ars Sacra Festival has been certified by ’Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe’ since 2016 and its logo a Hungarian design is protected. Several programs are available during the festival and can be visited for free of charge. The Ars Sacra Festival is organized by hundreds of volunteers outside the Ars Sacra Foundation, joining the Ars Sacra Festival with programs of the same value. Within the framework of the Ars Sacra Festival, the Open Church Day takes place on the first day of the festival. The Ars Sacra Film Festival has been part of the festival program since 2016. Ars Sacra Festival guidebook 2020 (PDF, 2,6 Mb)

Invitation to join the XIV. Ars Sacra Festival

Date: 12 to 20 September 2020, the Day of Open Churches 12 September 2020.

Motto: „…all my springs are in you.” (Psalms 87:7)

a series of cultural events, which can be freely attended, is organizied in Hungary yearly connected with the European Heritage Days, initiated by the Council of Europe. The programs involve all forms of arts, with high level performers, including young authors and artists.
Our mission is to show up real values – Beauty, Virtue and Truth – by the aid of arts. We are convinced that arts can build bridges between communities having a common cultural heritage.
The Ars Sacra Festival has been awarded EFFE label 2019/2020 by the international jury, and its logo enjoyes trade mark protection in Hungary and in the European Union.
In 2019 100.000 visitors attended 700 events at more than 100 settlements, organized in 11 branches of art. The largest Hungarian museums, concert halls, galleries, theaters, churches, cultural centers joined the Ars Sacra Festival.
If you feel like to join the Festival and you have any program corresponding to our objectives, please register and upload your program HERE until 15 July 2020.
You can apply for the Festival with a new or existing program, which can be visited free of charge during the festival (even for a short time).
We are looking forward to cooperating with
MUSEUMS, EXHIBITION HALLS, GALLERIES, ATELIERS – with exhibitions focused on sacredness,
guided tours, museum pedagogical sessions, and concerts
THEATERS and CULTURAL CENTERS – with pieces or performances of sacred themes
CHURCHES – with presentation of the church, hosting exhibitions, lectures, concerts
SCHOOLS – with literary and theater performances, poetry evenings, exhibitions, music programs
ARTISTS OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS – with exhibitions, studio tours
CONCERT HALLS and MUSICIANS – with concerts
HISTORIANS, ART HISTORIANS, ARCHITECTS – presenting sacred buildings, organising sacred city walks
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