14-22 September 2024 „The fruit of that righteousness will be peace” (Is 32,17)
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Ars Sacra Festival

The idea of Ars Sacra Festival was born after the ’City Mission’ was organized in Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Brussels and in 2007 in Budapest as well. The purpose of the festival is to bring to light the Jewish-Christian roots of the European culture in all types of sacred arts and also to promote the uplifting and the spiritual unity of the souls. The Ars Sacra Festival provides you real and eternal values for 9 days each year in September for free. The Ars Sacra Festival has been certified by ’Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe’ since 2016 and its logo a Hungarian design is protected. Several programs are available during the festival and can be visited for free of charge. The Ars Sacra Festival is organized by hundreds of volunteers outside the Ars Sacra Foundation, joining the Ars Sacra Festival with programs of the same value. Within the framework of the Ars Sacra Festival, the Open Church Day takes place on the first day of the festival.
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